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On this site, you will find all the information you need for learning about radiology at undergraduate level. This includes how various imaging modalities work, imaging of normal anatomy, and the imaging of diseases. The website contains information about lectures and tutorials, pre-recorded lectures, and recommended online resources.

Navigate the menu to find your phase/block and you'll find all the relevant information.

Radiology is a Longitudinal Curricular Theme which spans the entirety of the MBChB course.

However, we have linked resources to the year of training mapped to the curriculum. While the material can be accessed at any time, maximal benefit will be when the radiology material you engage with links to the pre-clinical module or clinical block you are on.

In addition, we also have a number of vertical themes within radiology which will first be visited in Year 1 and built upon over the duration of the course.

Dr Vikas Shah

Professor Arumugam Rajesh

Dr Vincent Lam