Vertical themes

The following topics are covered throughout the course:

Imaging techniques

Radiation and MRI safety

Legislation around ionising radiation

Intravenous contrast

Safe and appropriate requesting

Much of the material you will need to know about the risk of various imaging modalities and how to communicate them to patients is presented in this website developed by medical physics experts at University Hospitals of Leicester, led by Elizabeth Davies.


These pages provide an overview of the physics of xrays and MRI:

Richard Farley explains the basic physics of electromagnetic radiation, how x-rays used for medical imaging and produced, and how radiography images are formed.

Amy Barnes has recorded this video on the basic physics of ultrasound, including details on the various machine controls, artefacts, Doppler imaging and elastography.

This talk will be beneficial when we start hands-on ultrasound skills training, or for when you encounter point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in ITU, theatres, ED or on the wards.

Dr Ali Chowdhury explains the basic physics of magnetic resonance imaging, the main clinical applications, and important safety considerations.

Dr David Swienton describes the basic physic of CT scanners, how images are produced, the principal clinical applications, and the risks and benefits.

Dr Anver Kamil describes the physics of nuclear and molecular imaging, including PET-CT, the precautions that need to be taken, and the principal clinical applications.


Elizabeth Davies explains the risks of ionising radiation, and how this can be communicated to patients.

You can find out more on this website dedicated to teaching about medical radiation risks.

Dr Will Adair and Dr Pete Thurley explain the benefits of CT scanning, the radiation risks involved, and how to make a balanced judgement about the necessity to request a CT scan.


These two videos cover important aspects of MRI safety.


Elizabeth Davies explains main pieces of legislation associated with medical uses of radiation.

You can find out more on this website dedicated to teaching about medical radiation risks.


Dr Catalin Ivan reviews the main imaging modalities, safety considerations around radiation and contrast, best practice suggestions around requesting imaging, and how to prepare patients for interventional procedures.