Phase 1

Year 1 & 2 Pre-Clinical

Content for year 1 & 2 will be delivered in the form of lectures within the modules (currently via Blackboard) and supplemented with interactive small group work teaching related to the lecture content.


Body Logistics:

  • Introduction to Radiology – techniques, radiation safety, contrast (Professor Arumugam Rajesh)

  • Anatomical planes and positioning


Musculoskeletal system:

  • Introduction to Radiology in MSK (Dr Kethes Paramesparan)

  • Imaging reviews are also covered in many sessions


Reproductive system:

  • Imaging of the male and female reproductive system (Associate Professor James Stephenson)

Urinary system:

  • Imaging Diseases of the Urinary Tract (Dr Ros Ahmad)

  • Stone Disease (Dr Ros Ahmad)

Respiratory system:

  • Introduction to the basics of CXR interpretation (Associate Professor James Stephenson)

  • Chest imaging - common CXR findings and introduction to chest CT (Associate Professor James Stephenson)

Head & Neck, & Neuroanatomy:

  • Imaging of the Head and Neck (Dr Thomas O’Neill)

Gastrointestinal system:

  • A diagnostic tour of the GI Tract (Associate Professor James Stephenson)

  • Imaging Abdominal Pathology (Associate Professor James Stephenson)